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Even something as simple and commonplace as a product leaflet or a simple product label needs to be approached with a sense of style as well as being informative and practical. Another critical part of product branding, especially for the bath and body product makers, is product labels, stickers and tags. We have worked with many manufacturers to design packaging that fits their branding and helps to sell their product. Let's face it, a well-dressed product will sell far better, no matter the quality of the contents within.

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Fischer Studio Works can provide you with the competitive edge by creating professional label designs that will boost customer confidence in your products.

How it works:Aroma Blending Round Product Label


After you have contacted us and expressed your interest in working with us for this, we will find out the scope of your project and inform you of what our current going rates are for Label work. Once you decide that you want to work with us, we will bill you through PayPal for the amount stated.


We prefer to have the bottles and containers that the products you sell will be sold in at the time we design packaging and labels for them. It is even better if you can mail us samples of your products so that we can have a real understanding of what it is that we are designing branding for....especially when it comes to perfumes. It is also far easier for us to do the measuring of the containers ourselves so that we can set up our art boards exactly as we need them. We also use your product jars from your line to view and compose labels as we work in order to make the whole package the absolute best it can be.

With the sample containers, we would like complete descriptions of the products and what it is that you want on the containers including the product line name, scent name, the ml or fluid ounces of the package and the complete ingredient list


Based upon our measurements and client desired preferences we will create labels for the products and e-mail them to the clients for approval. Upon proof acceptance by the client, we then create final art and email it to the client. NOTE: we are only designing labels; we are not printing at this time.


We will send you a complete zipped file at the end of all final art work. Remember to throw out all preliminary proofs! It is all too easy to mistake the final art work for the comps that were rejected.




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